Parents Call On GPS For Teen Driving

GPS Trackers Enhancing Teen Safety

tracking of a teen with gpsEvery parent can remember the moment they received their driver’s license and the freedom that came along with it. A driver’s license shrinks the world and makes a simple trip to the grocery store or burger joint with friends an adventure. Unfortunately, the world today is unlike the one most parents had when they were growing up. Today, teens are distracted by the dinging sound of text messages arriving on their cell phones and a whole world of social networking apps from Facebook to SnapChat that can distract even the most focused of teens. Throw in the mix inexperience behind the wheel, other motorists sharing the roads being distracted and peer pressure among other teens and the risks of driving become very real. Parents understand the statistics that surround teen driving and know that it doesn’t take much for a bad choice to result in a ticket, automobile accident or something more ominous. This is why tech-savvy moms and dads of teen drivers are employing a new type of product that uses GPS tracking to enhance teen driving safety.

GPS Tracking

GPS technology was once a tool reserved only for military applications and national defense. However, GPS technology is now mainstream and has completely changed the way people navigate from one place to another, connect with friends on social networking websites and keep tabs on their automobiles. GPS tracking is one of the things that comes from satellite GPS technology and what it does is allow a person to access the location of a person, asset or vehicle anytime. This is a very powerful tool when in the hands of parents because it gives them the ability to monitor what a teen driver is doing essentially 24/7. Here are some of the features a standard real-time GPS tracker can provide a concerned parent (please note GPS tracking devices vary in functionality, features and cost)

* Live Updates On Teen Driver Location
* Instant Alerts If A Teen Driver Is Speeding
* Lifetime Access To Historical Driving Activity
*Safe Zone Alerts
* Mileage Tracking
* Automobile Theft Security

How To Track A Teen Driver

Parents can easily track a teen driver by simply placing a live GPS tracker in the vehicle they wish to monitor. Although live GPS trackers all operate a little differently from one another, basically the parent can hide the GPS as a portable device, hard-wire it to the target car or connect it to the vehicle through a cigarette lighter adapter or OBDII port. Once in the vehicle the GPS tracker will transmit locational information and travel activity as frequently as every 3 seconds. The parent needs only to go to a website with their login credentials to access the tracking data. Alerts can also be easily programmed to notify a parent via email or text if the teen driver is speeding or driving somewhere they are not supposed to be.


Safety Is Top Priority

Experts state that driving behaviors are shaped early on and therefore it is essential for parents to determine if a teen is engaging in risk behaviors such as speeding. GPS tracking systems don’t prevent bad driving habits but they provide the information about driving habits to parents. With this knowledge parents can then intervene with their teens to help instill safe driving habits in a effort to create long-lasting behaviors that will reduce the chances of a teen driver from ever getting involved in a automobile accident. GPS tracking can literally save lives and that is reason enough for any concerned parent to learn more about the technology.

Linux Computer Repair

One of the most well-known and widely used open source operating systems is Linux. In fact, if you have ever used a computer before it is very likely that the computer had a Linux operating system. The advantage of the Linux operating system over other OS’ such as Windows is that with Linux security flaws are often caught and resolved before they become problematic for users and businesses. With Windows operating system having a more demanding hardware requirement, most computer servers across the globe instead opt to utilize Linux. Unfortunately, Linux does not have control of the market the way Microsoft Windows does, causing many Linux users to struggle finding support for the operating system. Thankfully, some computer repair services are now traveling to customers’ homes and or businesses to resolve their technical issues with Linux

Best Linux Distro For Computer Repair

Not every one is a technical computer wizard so resolving any bugs from using a Linux operating system requires a trained professional. Common problems with linux can include things such as:

  • Failed Installation
  • Computer Freezing Up
  • Slow Performance
  • GRUB-Based Boot Error
  • Weak System Security

Naturally, there are a lot of online resources that are available for Linux users to access that can provide troubleshooting solutions for common technical issues such as the ones mentioned above. However, for people not familiar with using knowledge bases or online forums for DIY tech support, the best option is to have a Linux operating system expert come to the user’s home or business.

In Home Computer Repair Services Near Me

With so many cheap laptop repair and computer repair near me options, in-home computer repair services are in the highest demand. With Geek Squad type computer repair enterprises constantly working in the field to meet consumer and business demands, many of these support companies are calling upon GPS tracking system technology. The reason why Linux support businesses are using real time GPS trackers is because the car tracking technology can be used to track service vehicles, enhance auto-theft recovery and of course increase customer service. This is because the live GPS tracking data from the systems can be shared with customers, allowing them to know the very moment a Linux computer repair agent will be at the home or business.

Computer Repair Basics

How Do I Fix My Computer?

For Linux users who wonder how to fix a computer that won’t start up, or simply want to know how you diagnose computer problems should consider taking the following measures:

  1. Unplug the computer and power the system down for 60 seconds before rebooting
  2. Type the problem they are experiencing in YouTube to see if a support video is available
  3. Type the problem they are experiencing in Google to see if a blog post addresses the issue along with potential solutions

The above three options are what any Linux user requiring computer problems should exhaust first. If problems continue to persist then finding a computer repair near me solution where support agents have a background working with Linux should be hired to diagnose the situation.